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Eckerd Login


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Login - You may enter one of the following:
  • Username and password, or
  • Eckerd ID and PIN

Username: Your Eckerd email address excluding the @eckerd.edu.

Password: Your Eckerd email password.

Eckerd ID: Your Eckerd ID is a seven-character identification number.

PIN: 6 characters. Your pin should be received via your Eckerd email account. Your pin provides access to personal data, please keep it secure. See help for more info.

Residential Students:

  • Your mentor will give you your registration code for registration.
  • Any login done with an Eckerd ID and PIN will only give access to grade and degree audit information. You can no longer register using your Eckerd ID and PIN. This is to facilitate granting limited access to parents or guardians. See HELP for more information.

  Click Here for Help with Login?

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